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Ruben Tevreden x Marnix Crüe

Ruben Tevreden @on_tevreden and Marnix Crüe have collaborated for the very first time on a long sleeves t-shirt that shows the fusion of Ruben’s artistry and his passion for the Marnix Crüe. Let’s now dive into the conversation we had with the artist: Hello Ruben! would you tell us more about yourself? Hi, ofcourse! I […]

World Clean-up Day

At the end of the high season of skating and riding at the Marnix Bowl, we noticed a lot of trash accumulated in and around the bowl. So for this year’s cleanup day, we rolled up our sleeves to show respect for our beloved spot. Every year, around the 16th of September, it’s World Cleanup […]

Drainage has been fixed!

As the summer of ’23 drew to a close, our skate sessions at Marnix Bowl took a hit and it quite literally became a pool – with a Dutch wet summer and an issue with water drainage bringing our shredding to a stop, and that just a week before the events of the Urban Sport […]