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Ruben Tevreden x Marnix Crüe

Ruben Tevreden @on_tevreden and Marnix Crüe have collaborated for the very first time on a long sleeves t-shirt that shows the fusion of Ruben’s artistry and his passion for the Marnix Crüe. Let’s now dive into the conversation we had with the artist: Hello Ruben! would you tell us more about yourself? Hi, ofcourse! I […]


We are super excited to release the newest addition to our product lineup: the Marnix Crüe griptape. Offering two different designs, spider webs and high-fashion inspired logos. Dedicated to the griptape DIY art culture, these 2 designs work well as whole giving the DIY feel but also offer plenty of customization options. Assembly video tutorial […]

Drainage has been fixed!

As the summer of ’23 drew to a close, our skate sessions at Marnix Bowl took a hit and it quite literally became a pool – with a Dutch wet summer and an issue with water drainage bringing our shredding to a stop, and that just a week before the events of the Urban Sport […]

Marnix Crüe goes live

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