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World Clean-up Day

At the end of the high season of skating and riding at the Marnix Bowl, we noticed a lot of trash accumulated in and around the bowl. So for this year’s cleanup day, we rolled up our sleeves to show respect for our beloved spot. Every year, around the 16th of September, it’s World Cleanup Day, and so we contributed by cleaning up all the trash in and around the bowl, cutting the overgrown trees and hedges. We made this into a day where we collectively cleaned up the bowl and had a great session with a BBQ at the end of the day. Over ten trash bags were filled and picked up by the Gemeente Amsterdam.

We’re dedicated to keeping our skatepark clean year-round and teaching local riders and kids about respect and responsibility. Whether you’re a skater or passerby, please use the trash bins and restrooms instead of the bushes. We’re here daily, keeping things running smoothly, but if you notice something wrong, lend a hand or reach out, we are here to help. Skate more, skate clean!