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Ruben Tevreden x Marnix Crüe

Ruben Tevreden @on_tevreden and Marnix Crüe have collaborated for the very first time on a long sleeves t-shirt that shows the fusion of Ruben’s artistry and his passion for the Marnix Crüe.

Let’s now dive into the conversation we had with the artist:

Hello Ruben! would you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, ofcourse! I am Ruben Tvevreden, im 28, born and raised in and around Amsterdam. Ive been making a living in the last 6 years making art and illustrations for local bands, musicians and events.

Favorite trick and favorite skatepark?

My favorite trick to do is Fs air and favorite trick to watch is fs Air

Marnix Bowl

how long have you been skating and how long have you been skating the marnixbowl?

I’ve been skating the Marnix for probably 7 or 8 years now. I lived in the South-east of Amsterdam so it took me some time to find this place. but once i did I started coming there at least once a week if the weather allowed it.

how did you enter the crew and what does it represent for you?

I dont know if i had an official Marnix Crue baptism haha. Erwin Prent taught me how to do Tailslide to fakie a long time ago, that was cool so maybe that was it?

how was designing a piece for the brand and what inspired your design?

The communal aspect of skateboarding is really special, and i think the Marnix is the best example of that in my life. Living from making art means that you spend a lot of time isolated at home or in your studio. That works for me but only because i have a place that i can go to at the end of the day where all my friends are and where the energy is good and where i feel at home. The place and the people are very important to me.

Making the design was fun! Yorick and i were brainstorming an idea for a screenprint in the style of Merch from Metalbands. A lot of skulls, blood, detailed linework and drama.

I went from that idea and tried to create something that still was authentic to me and the things i love to make.