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Marnix Crüe

The Marnix Crüe is the group of skaters and BMX riders who use and take care of the Marnix Bowl and the community. Come skate or ride, and show us what you’ve got…

The Crüe

BMX – Yorick Spilker _

Skateboarding – Riccardo Segato _

Skateboarding – Ivo Sewer

Skateboarding – Ruben TevredenPortfolio

Skateboarding – Alessandro Demurtas

Skateboarding – Bart Goofus  – Website

Skateboarding – Sander Bink

Skateboarding – Mark FavelaHollywood Mark Tattoo

Skateboarding – Jerry Exmann

Skateboarding –Tim Hoffbauer

Skateboarding – Florenz Buß

Skateboarding – Camilla Rama

Skateboarding – Noud van Vlierden